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Albany Terrace work done by London Stone Conservators Albany Terrace work done by London Stone Conservators Albany Terrace work done by London Stone Conservators Albany Terrace work done by London Stone Conservators

Albany Terrace, NW1 2011

Repair of Nash staircases

  • Paint removal. Comprehensive stripping of a thick layering of paints from both stone fabric and iron spindles

  • Repair. Extensive removal of past unsightly repairs and their replacement

  • New repairs with colour-matched conservation mortar

  • Colour matching. Toning in repairs, stains and original stone to form an integrated visual palette

Built in 1823 by the renowned neoclassical architect John Nash, who was largely responsible for Regency London, Albany Terrace is now a Grade I listed site.

The three houses that comprise the terrace are undergoing comprehensive renovation and restoration after many decades of decline.


LSC was employed to renew the extensive stone staircases throughout each property.


Beautifully and elegantly constructed, the staircases have since suffered much. The original Portland stone was encrusted in thick laminations of paint. Due to the age of the paint, the only solution for removal was painstakingly slow, using a combination of chemical and mechanical techniques to break its thick carapace. Underneath, a rash of poorly executed repairs was exposed, along with further decayed and damaged areas. Thousands of previous repairs were individually removed, along with a pox of stair tread lead plumbs, all re-filled with a Stonehealth repair compound.


Due to each stone having a distinct colour of its own, colour matching occurred both at the filling stage and with further re-touching by hand. The staircases were also badly stained with water-damage, damp, and apparent chemical seepage occurring over the course of the structures' long lifespan. The idea was to visually reintegrate the staircases from a fragmented patchwork into a series of gentle transitions. Care was taken to balance this intervention with a sensitive acknowledgement of the natural 'patina' of ageing.


Our ultimate aim was to take the project further than the initial conservation ambit specified by the clients, to provide a full service of renewal wherein the end product possessed a high aesthetic standard as well as maintaining a conservation ethic of integrity and reversibility. This was achieved to the client's greater satisfaction.


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