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Vicarage Gardens work done by London Stone Conservators Vicarage Gardens work done by London Stone Conservators Vicarage Gardens work done by London Stone Conservators Vicarage Gardens work done by London Stone Conservators Vicarage Gardens work done by London Stone Conservators

Vicarage Gate, 2010

The Vicarage Gate Hotel

Façade restoration; Bathstone

  • Indents

  • Ornament remodelling

  • 2003 ornate work around the door architrave

  • 2011 structural repairs on front facade

Façade restoration works were carried out according to the budget and specifications of the client.

Built in the Victorian era, a brick structure with generous stone ornamentation. Typical of this period, Bathstone was employed for the latter, due to its ease of cutting and shaping. Unfortunately it is now also known for its vulnerability to corrosion.

In the case of Vicarage Gate, most of the exposed stone features, the roof pediments, window headers, as well as the ornate capitals to columns at the entrance area and bay windows had failed, due to excessive weathering.
Furthermore, previous cementitious repairs - unsympathetic to the fabric of the building - had failed and the non-porous masonry paint applied to most surfaces had further accelerated the deterioration of the stonework.
With the client's agreement, all of the protruding stone features, ornate mouldings and architectural details were repaired using Bathstone indents, shaped, cut and worked to match the existing original stone as closely as possible in terms of colour and texture. Areas of failed cementitious repairs were removed and replaced with lime mortar, consisting of Bathstone dust, natural hydraulic lime and washed sharp sand.

Ornate areas of the capitals were remodelled, using stainless steel wire as an internal armature to provide additional tensile strength; the same mix of lime mortar was used in these reconstructions.


At the Vicarage Gate Hotel, LSC was commissioned to repair the stonework of the hotel's front portico and entrance approach.
The masonry was heavily decayed. This was primarily caused by the failure of the drainage system to shed water away from the fascia and carvings. The problem was compounded by layers of impermeable paint that trapped in water against the stone, accelerating the mechanisms of frost damage and salt leaching.
After consultation with the client, a general program of conservation was devised.


• Removal of paint in damaged areas
• Repair and cleaning of stonework
• Lime mortar repairs to pilaster
• Replacement of isolated stone sections using indents and an extensive indented replacement of two carved capitals
• Painting of repaired areas with layers of a lime wash shelter coat


The Party Wall Affair
Large areas of the façade had become unstable: the neighboring building had constructed a second-level basement, which had started to sump, pulling down parts of the adjoining buildings and thus causing massive structural failures within the brick and stonework.
LSC were called in to make safe structural breaks in the brick and stonework by inserting large stainless steel cramps and restraining systems, to halt further dislocation. At the same time areas of ornate stonework were repaired or replaced.


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