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We offer in-house solutions to most conservation needs

Historic and contemporary architectural design consultation and evaluation in the use of stone



Diagnostic full building surveys and estimates

Tower of London: external wall survey[29kb]
Tower of London anti-slip survey [29kb]
Survey spreadsheet[54kb -xls]



Conservation and comprehensive specifications reports

Highgate Cemetery:


St. Paul’s Church, Hammersmith: Fenn Table Tomb[22.7mb]



Condition Reports

Highgate Cemetery:



Creative Conservation

Tower of London: Wakefield Conservation Report[8.1mb]



Health and safety assessments

LSC H&S Policy Document [97kb]


Lime Putty COSHH[119kb]
Natural Aggregates COSHH[54kb]
Cement COSHH[54kb]
Concrete COSHH[56kb]
Curing Agent COSHH[60kb]
Diesel Gas Oil COSHH[58kb]
Generic COSHH[4.2mb]
Release Agent COSHH[60kb]
Shutter Filler COSHH [57kb]



Risk and environment assessments

London SE5: Peak [132kb]
London W1: Marriott Hotel [128kb]



Comprehensive method statements with full specifications and strategic planning:

London SE5: Peak [132kb]
London EC3: Sykes [536kb]



Conservation scheduling and contracts for long-term maintenance requirements



Materials analysis (stone and mortars)

Advice on materials selection

Supply of samples



Cleaning and repair trials



Site inspection



Stone Carvers • Stone Masons • Stone Conservators

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