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For memorials, signs, entablatures and architectural/landscape interventions.

The art and skill in the cutting of stone letters make a strenuous discipline.

The v-cut especially challenges, both in its production and visual temporality as the light changes with the sun’s course.

Our letter carvers possess the highest training in both letterform and technical execution – a merciless eye for the spaces in between.

Firmly situated within the great tradition of British lettering, they are equally enthusiastic participants in the more expressive renaissance initiated by Gill and Kindersley.

All lettering is hand-drawn and then hand-carved with a hammer and chisel. Sand-blasting may be faster and cheaper, but it simply cannot compete in either good spacing or good v-cut.


London Stone Conservation can offer a full range of service in the pursuit of letters:

  • repair of damaged or eroded lettering

  • incised or raised lettering, replacement lead

  • recarving, renewal or casting of existing inscriptions

  • replacement inscriptions

  • new inscriptions: design and execution

  • gilding


Commercial and Bespoke

We can also cater for differing budgets: lettering of a commercial standard is as welcome as the more rarefied bespoke.

Lettering can be commissioned wherein the letter carver can either work with the protocol of architects/designers or initiate a specific composition independently.



Stone Carvers • Stone Masons • Stone Conservators

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