Aldgate Pump CAD Drawings & Construction

In the City of London, London Stone Conservation has restored the 18th Century well-head known as the Aldgate Pump. This infamous well has been in use since the 15th century. The project required repair, and parts of the stone well head to be replaced, as well as the production a replica lantern that had long been missing.

London Stone Conservation commissioned a highly skilled and experienced artist to create an authentic handmade wrought iron lantern, Bottega Prata in Bologna, Italy. Bottega Prata is a third-generation artistic wrought iron workshop, run by Pier Luigi Prata.

London Stone Conservation translated the architect’s sketches into a three-dimensional model and maintained a dialog with the Bottega, throughout the production. It was essential that the craftsman had experience in important public commissions.  In order to bridge the gap of distance and language, we paired hi-tech communication with craftsman’s wisdom.

The unit was shipped and mounted by our London team. The recreated lantern also has functional light. A Braun LED complimented the historic lantern in terms of light colour. These LED engines were specifically designed for the conversion historic gas fixtures into modern LEDs. It is the first unit to be installed in the City.