Highgate Cemetery

Heritage at Risk Register

London Stone Conservation began working with the Friends of Highgate Cemetery in 2010, when the Cemetery was on the Heritage at Risk Register. As a result of the work, Historic England removed the Cemetery from the the register in 2012.

The world-famous Grade I listed burial ground is situated on Swains Lane in northwest London. The East and West Highgate cemeteries are places of great natural beauty that contain some of the finest funerary and monumental architecture in the county and are the burial place of many famous figures.

The early Victorian Cemetery was opened in 1839 and grew to become one of the most significant burial sites in London. During the 1970’s the Cemetery fell into disrepair, before the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust were founded and took over the day-to-day running and maintenance of the site. The Friends are a charity, run by volunteers who manage the preservation of the Cemetery for the public benefit.

London Stone Conservation began working with the Friends in 2010, when the cemetery was still on the Heritage at Risk Register. Initially commissioned to carry out a repair program to address the most severely deteriorated and unsafe monuments, London Stone Conservation went on to implement a phased schedule of conservation to successfully reconstruct and repair in excess of ninety monuments across the heritage burial ground. The works ranged from the reconstruction of large-scale complex vaults and mausoleums, through to the detailed replacement carving and retouching of lettered inscriptions. As a result, Historic England removed Highgate Cemetery from the Heritage at Risk Register in 2012.