Old Sessions House CAD Drawings & Construction

London Stone Conservation was commissioned to clean, conserve and restore the façade of Old Sessions House on Clerkenwell Green. Originally, the Courthouse was designed with a walled enclosure for receiving prisoners and providing a confined fresh air space. The actual stone structure was never realised and survived only in an archived hand-drawing.

Towards the end of the works, planning permission was granted to enclose this area. The original hand-drawn elevation became the basis for a three-dimensional CAD model that would demonstrate the various ways the cladding could be disguised.

The CAD model made it possible for all parties to understand technical recommendations that were incorporated into final plans. The model also facilitated communications with the quarry: Cutting lists were easily generated for the robo-factory and made it possible to dispatch, in a coordinated fashion, a discrete amount masonry to site, where space was limited.