HM Tower of London

Conservation & Maintenance Programme

The Tower of London is a Grade I listed structure of the greatest cultural and historic significance and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Tower was built on the Thames by William the Conqueror towards the end of 1066. Its purpose was to protect London from further invasion, demonstrate his power and fully assert his claim to rule. The White Tower, from which the castle gets its name, is a wonderful example of royal Norman military architecture. Built around the central Tower is a vast complex of original buildings and later additions set within two concentric rings of defensive walls and a moat.

Working at such a busy location means that it is essential to avoid disruption to visitors and the day to day running of the site, while delivering the works on time and to the highest standards of workmanship and health and safety.

The maintenance of the historic fabric at the Tower of London is an endless and on-going task. It includes surveys and documentation, lime mortar repairs and repointing, grouting and consolidation, dismantling and rebuilding and analysis and sourcing of stone and brick.

Along with the preventative maintenance program London Stone Conservation has completed large scale projects such as the consolidation of the West Moat wall, repointing of the Outer Curtain wall, conservation and repair works to the White Tower and
 documentation, dismantling and rebuilding of the Well Tower.

We are proud to continue our long running relationship with the Historic Royal Palaces and our contribution to the preservation of such iconic structures of our built heritage.