Turnham Green Drinking Fountain CAD Drawings

Heritage of London Trust have been restoring London’s historic fountains for decades. Each of their projects can help combat single use plastic. Many of these Victorian fountains are monuments to the period and have been neglected for some time.

In 2019, London Stone Conservation was commissioned to restore Turnham Green Fountain, Chiswick. The project began with a thorough conservation assessment of the fountain, documenting the current state with images and dimensional sketches. Various CAD models were developed in order to develop replacement units that would be in proportion and sympathetic to the original design. The drawings then helped the template creation process and streamlined the manufacturing process.

The uppermost portion, the finial, was missing which exposed the fountain innards from above. The granite necking that supports the upper masonry was broken, which made it a safety risk. The fountain had accumulated impacted grime and atmosphere dirt. Stagnant water was gathering in the fountain and not draining properly. The lettering was unreadable. Water mains had been long cut-off and existing water feed pipes were no longer suitable.

London Stone Conservation carefully dismantled the red granite masonry units using a gantry frame and removed the units. Each unit was thoroughly cleaned by the conservation team off-site. Similar stone material was sourced and the finial cap was recreated based on surviving examples in the City. The lettering was cleaned, and sharpened, and then gold leaf was applied in order to make it more readable. New plumbing fixtures that would integrate with the old bronze fixings were sourced. The drains were modified to allow the water to flow properly. The plinth stones and the paving stones were lifted in order to lay new water mains to the City supply. Once the pipes were in, the restored fountain parts were then delivered to site and re-erected. The new necking unit was reinforced with a stainless-steel armature enhancing the structure of the original design, without changing the outward appearance. The fountain is now ready to connect to the supply.