Metalwork Conservation

Historic properties and structures are often surrounded by ferrous railings and rainwater goods.

London Stone Conservation works in partnership with Arts Heritage and the Fiorini Foundry, specialists in re-casting missing elements and the careful conservation and repair of all associated materials. We have repaired and conserved many historic railings and are currently delivering a five-year maintenance contract for the Corporation of London to preserve and repair of all boundary walls and railings within the City of London.

Over the years we have carried out conservation works on a variety of War Memorials, which often have bronze elements incorporated into the structure. We are able to repair, replace, clean and re-patinate any size bronze sculptures or bronze elements of any structure.

  • Repair and replacement of bronzes
  • Care and maintenance of ferrous railings
  • Repair and replacement of ferrous railings
  • On-site installation and welding
  • Conservation and re-decoration
  • Paints analysis